Does NASS help with admissions process?

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    My questions are: what are the PFT or CFA events? What is the max for each? what if any will it do to help a student gain admissions to USNA? What else do they look at, and how do they rate a candidate? Who does the rating?
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    They administer a CFA -- you can find the details on the site. While you can resubmit better scores later, do yourself a favor, get in shape now, and get a good score when you test at NASS. As for other PT, I think they may do some mock PEP (plebe summer physical education program) but am not sure. They run the O-Course and do other physical things. Show up in decent shape.

    The max scores are posted on the website under admissions. BTW, there is no reason to exceed the max on each event. Your score will not improve and you'll only tire yourself out.

    NASS or a good CFA score? NASS doesn't help you much in getting admitted. It should help you decide whether you want to apply. And USNA hopes that you'll have a great time and go back to your school and community and tell everyone how great USNA and NASS are. Attending a summer seminar gives you a VERY slight bump but it is no different than being a military brat, an Eagle Scout, team captain, class president, etc. The primary purpose is to help you evaluate USNA -- not the reverse.

    The CFA pass/fail but doing really well in the run, pullups, or overall will give you a slight bump -- just like attending NASS. Not determinative but helps. Doing very poorly on the CFA can hurt you. Again, you can resubmit your scores if you fail or do very poorly but it's another thing to have to worry about.

    Your youngster squad leader does the rating. Remember, this person was a plebe about a week ago, so the evaluation is unlikely to make or break your application. Things that will not go over well -- and could hurt you -- not trying, caring or participating in evolutions; being horribly out of shape (and I mean horribly); whining and sniveling constantly; telling everyone you hate NASS and are only there b/c your parent or someone else made you come . . . you get the picture.

    You should not stress NASS. Use it as an opportunity to learn something about life at USNA. Show up in decent shape -- most people who are reasonably active in sports will be in ok shape for NASS. Participate in activities. You'll be fine.

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