Does ROTC have an affect?


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May 23, 2012
Hello all, so my question is this: If you were disenrolled from AROTC and you enlist into the Army, does that ROTC record follow you and affect throughout your Army career in all areas not including Officer-Candidate training?

I was disenrolled from AROTC and am enlisting into the Army. I'm curious to know if, for example, my DD785 will have any bearing in NCO boards or any other aspects of the Army that does not include, another example, if I were to apply for OCS.

Thanks! Your advice and insight is greatly appreciated.
Depending on the reason for disenrollment, it may have a negative bearing if you were to apply to another commisioning source. It should not have any impact on an enlisted career, unless it was for something that would prevent enlistment altogether.
If you are disenrolled from ROTC you will have an RE3 code. In order to enlist, you will need a re-enlistment waiver, unless the purpose of your enlistment was a service obligation for not paying back a scholarship. Disenrollment also affects your ability to enter OCS, since you did not complete a prior officer producing program.