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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Mikeandcris, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Can someone please explain the difference between the various organizations seeking donations on behalf of the Academy? There is the AOG, the Endowment, the Rando Fund, the General Fund(?) and even the Denver Airport USO to name a few. I want to donate and support the Academy, specifically programs and activities that support the cadets, but I'm getting calls and letters from each group asking for money. Can someone please provide a synopsis on donating to the Academy? Thanks!
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    Well, you don't ask the easy questions! I'll try to answer with what I know since we get those calls as well and I've done a little research into it...

    The purpose of the Rando Fund is to finance travel so that a small group of Cadets can attend the funeral services of another Cadet.

    AOG - Association of Graduates collects membership fees that are used to support the Academy/graduates/reunions
    I'm not sure how it really works, but the impression I get is that the AOG manages the various Endowment funds

    This site lists (Endowment) funds and what they're for:
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    In general, the alumni associations at the various Academies are independent non-profits whose mission is to support alumni and raise funds to support activities, programs and facilities at the SA, through various instruments. Their websites should lay all this out. The Academies themselves, as govt institutions, have a number of restrictions placed on them for solicitation, fund-raising, etc., and rely on non-profits to make donations rather than individuals. Taxpayer money from DOD, DOT and HLS doesn't cover everything.

    The USO is an independent non-profit with a long history of supporting the military. Donations to them support their airport lounges, road shows, and many other programs. Worthy group, but part of the general sphere of military-focused non-profits. Donations to USO can go to the national fund or a local chapter.

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