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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by juice, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Nov 22, 2011
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    Hey everyone, currently I'm looking at doing the two year non obligational ROTC before I decide on anything.

    I'm majoring in Computer Science and am on the Pre-med track. I am also triple minoring (Chemistry, Anthropology, Japanese) and it will take me 5 years to finish. I don't know how to say this without sounding conceited, but I honestly do think I am smart (2200 SAT/34 ACT.. 68 AP/IB/dual enrollment credits from HS) and I have no worries for the academic side of things. Currently I'm a first semester freshman at the University of Florida with 17 credits and it's been super easy so far. Physically, I'm ok. I wrestled in high school and was in shape at the time. Since then I haven't done much and have degraded, currently I can run a 2mi in 15 mins, do 50 pushups and 60 situps.

    I want to do the ROTC for two years. Since I'm going to be here for 5 years, I figured I'd start off ROTC in Fall 2012. That way I could still do a full 4 year cycle if I wanted.

    Anyways, what I was wondering is what branch should I look at?
    What are the differences at the ROTC level between branches?
    What scholarships would be potentially available to me (looking at a future in medicine)?
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    Can't speak to medicine. There is another recent thread on this forum that discusses that. You should find it somewhere on the first page.

    As far as choosing a branch, you should base your decision on which branch you would want to serve in if you were to serve. Check out the available MOS on each branches web site to see what appeals to you. You will find that ROTC for each branch reflects that branch. Also, visit the units at your school and speak with the cadre. Do your homework on the web and also your school's syllabus (Naval Science, Military Science, etc.) prior so you can ask intelligent questions. Check out the physical requirements for each service. Each is different.
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    I can help you a bit with the medical part. In my opinion all of the branches are fine sources of medical practice, however I think army has an edge because of sheer numbers, budget, training programs and practicing opportunities.

    Ok so you are a comp sci major with 3 minors in Anthro, Japanese and Chem..while going pre-med. I get it, you were a stud on entrance exams and you seemed to do well in high school but what do any of those majors/minors have to do with being a doctor in the military? Computer Science/Engineering is a lucrative field for sure (my father is a computer engineer), and med schools love to see well rounded students. However, I think you severely underestimate the time drain it will have while you try to maintain 4.0s in your Pre-Med classes...not mention the time dedicated to ROTC. I assume your minors are your particular interests? Medical anthropology I am guessing? Most of the time ROTC will only allot 4 years to each cadet unless there are special circumstances (minors don't count exceptions). Since you are starting in 2012 it shouldn't be a problem. If your goal is to be a doctor in the military (through ROTC) then I think you should re-check your academic plan. I am not saying change it but really look hard at it because one semester of college is not a good gauge for a 4-5 year experience.
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    What classes are you currently taking ?

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