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Oct 16, 2016
Hi I've been reading up and was wondering if you guys would take a look and provide your opinion on my appointment outlook. I understand its just speculation but hey why not.
-34 ACT (35 writing, 32 math, 35 reading, 34 science)
-3.85 unweighted gpa
-Top quartile (44 of 380)
-Going to graduate with 12 AP classes, only two Bs in them (have passed all AP exams so far: 3 Chem, 3 English, 4 US history, 4 statistics, 4 physics 1)
-Marching band for four years, two years as section leader and squad leader
-Gold medal in State band competition, principal trombonist in region band and full symphony
-AJROTC, C/1Lt, S-2, company commander
-National Honor Society President
-Mu Alpha Theta
-Boy Scouts, finishing up Eagle Scout rank
-various academic and service awards through school and jrotc
-about 600 community service hours
-taking CFA tomorrow, gonna do quite well
-my ALO interview was phenomenal
-have TX-13 nomination (Thornberry)
-no varsity sports (obviously my weakest area)

Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
I'm no expert by any means but if I had to say, I think you'd have a pretty good shot! Obviously having no varsity sports won't help, but Eagle Scout is a plus, your academics are great, and NHS president is excellent. Make sure to do well on the CFA in order to make up for the lack of athletics. Good luck!
taking CFA tomorrow, gonna do quite well

Do tell how you've done on this.
No varsity sports...? Need to rock the CFA. I have two sons who were both fortunate to receive appts to USAFA. One is there now and another chose a different academy. Their ACTs were certainly lower than yours ( which is very impressive )but I truly believe they made the cut due to their sports activities... 3 sport athletes and multiple team captaincies. Best of luck and I hope to see your appt notification this year.
For the Class 2017, out of 1190, 79% had an Athletic Letter Award. No numbers for this year.
I think if candidate without varsity sports hits the CFA means, I would say s/he could be competitive and be somewhere in the 21%.