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    Sponsor Families have been notified that Basics will not be allowed to leave the Academy for Doolie Day Out tomorrow. However (I have been told by a sponsor parent) that Basics will be allowed to call home, Sponsors may deliver treats for distribution to their Basics and Basics will be given a day of rest, some fun activities, etc. If there are Sponsor families on this site -- maybe someone could post the content of the notice.
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    Are we sure none of these restrictions apply to 1,2, and 3 degrees?
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    Message from USAFA Superintendent

    As you may be aware, the Academy has confirmed that a number of cadets have been diagnosed with influenza like symptoms. These cadets have been separated from the rest of the cadet wing, are being treated and closely observed. At this point, some of the cases have been characterized as TYPE A, H1N1 Influenza. Our health officials are consulting with the CDC, the Air Force Surgeon General, and the El Paso County Public Health Department on matters of treatment and disease control. We are totally committed to providing your sons and daughters the best possible health care.

    Given the current situation, regrettably, we are modifying our plans for Doolie Day Out. In lieu of visiting our sponsor families, we will conduct a relaxing and fun mid-BCT break for the Class of 2013 on base. This measure will ensure the health and well-being of both our cadets and our community. We appreciate your understanding and continued support of the Academy.


    Message from USAFA Commandant

    Recognizing the long tradition of Doolie Day Out, we did not come to this decision lightly; however, civic responsibility dictates the need to limit exposure and potential spread to our local community. The purpose and intent of Doolie Day Out has been to give our basics a short reprieve from training with an opportunity to contact family and friends, eat some of the foods they may be craving, and simply relax. Typically the program gives them approximately eight hours away from the Academy. This year for Doolie Day Out, all training for the class of 2013 will be suspended at 8 pm Friday evening with the basic cadets being put “at rest” through Saturday at 5 pm. They will also be allowed to sleep in an extra three hours on Saturday morning. Following, breakfast, the class of 2013 will go over to Arnold Hall where the following activities will take place:

    - Movies will be played all day in the auditorium

    - Cell phones will be returned to those that brought them

    - A phone bank will be installed for those basic cadets that don’t have a cell phone

    - Video games in “The Alley” in Arnold Hall

    - Lunch will consist of hamburgers, hot dogs, an ice cream bar, and any desserts that sponsor families deliver.

    - Pizza will be provided in the afternoon.

    - The basics will also have an opportunity to sleep if that is their desire
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    This also needs to be posted from my thread from the other forum. Thanks Aggie.

    Sponsor information was given out as such: If you have items that you would like to drop off for the class of 2013, especially pre-packaged items, you can drop them off in the circle in front of Arnold Hall from 7am-9:30am tomorrow. There will be an Academy representative to receive the items. If you have items such as cards, cellphones/chargers please place in a large envelope with Doolie’s name and Squadron. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the Doolie that you were going to sponsor.

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