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    Thank you so much for your help over the years answering my questions and informing my decisions. Just a quick update on me; I've applied to USAFA for the past three years. I'm attending my second prep school now and I sincerely hope that this years admissions outcome will be different for me. My goal is to commission as an officer in the Air Force, so if I do not get into USAFA this year, I intend to enroll in ROTC at a SMC, while continuing to apply to USAFA until I reach the age cut off. In your opinion, is this a smart plan? Thanks again for your help!
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    Might not be a good plan. You need to talk to an AFROTC POC.

    From the AFROTC website

    " To become a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Air Force, students must complete the three- or four-year AFROTC program. Therefore, it’s a good idea to enroll in AFROTC at the same time you enroll in your first college courses."

    So depends on how many credits you can transfer for your prep school(s), you could have enough credit hours to be considered a 2nd year student.
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    If you can do a 3-4 year ROTC program, then your plan sounds like a win-win to me.
    I commend you on your persistence! Since you understand that your goal is to become an officer, looking at other avenues is exactly what you should be doing.

    You may find out that ROTC is exactly where you need to be & you love it!
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    Wow now that is determination. I'm impressed that you are willing to do a second prep round. That aside, the only problem I have with your plan is the quote above. To me it reads that you will apply to AFA again and if you don't get in you will go to a SMC and enroll to ROTC after the rejection if it comes.

    To me you should be applying to both AFA and ROTC at the same time at multiple universities. Don't wait to get to school and enroll into the ROTC class and see if you get a scholarship later. That should be an option if you apply to ROTC and don't get a scholarship (plan C in your case). Also don't limit yourself to just the SMCs, there are a ton of great universities that have excellent ROTC programs. I get the feeling that you want the 24 military experience and I get that but limiting yourself from the many avenues to become a great leader in our AF is a bad idea.

    If I'm miss reading what you wrote I'm sorry and please ignore my advice.
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    Not trying to sound negative, so don't take what I'm asking and saying wrong. You said you are attending your 2nd prep school. So that means you've been out of high school for going on your 2nd school year. Do either of these prep schools provide college credit courses?

    If not, then I think your actually wasting your time. If you didn't get an appointment the first time and was offered the academy prep school or a falcon scholarship prep school for that first year, then that is a good thing. It helps tremendously you 2nd year application to the academy. But if you're now in your 2nd year of prep school, in a school that doesn't offer college credit courses, then you are wasting time. I tell my candidates who don't receive an appointment or an academy prep school slot, to get enrolled in college. Community college or a 4 year university. Continue to apply to the academy and ROTC while you are enrolled. The academy likes seeing re-applicants who are proving that they can handle u I resist level academics.

    You've already been turned down by the academy twice. You could have an associates degree by now, enrolled in ROTC, and in worst case scenario apply for OTS to get commissioned already having your degree. But if you are in your 3rd year out of high school, with no college credits from these prep schools, then you're wasting numerous opportunities and a lot of time.

    On the other hand, if you've gotten college courses and credit the last 2 years, and have an associates degree about finished, then continue to apply to the academy and/ROTC, and if that doesn't pan out, finish your BA/BS degree and apply for OTS.

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