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Dec 4, 2007
How many plebe candidates between indoc and acceptance day drop out? Also, Do you know the rates of a plebe droping out?
Maxf90, I have never been able to obtain an actual published number directly from the Academy to refer you to. I can tell you the approx. numbers from the class of 2009 that I'm privy to. Almost 10% of kids dropped. I do know that out of the 300 kids that went in back in 2005, there will be less than 200 graduate that began with the original incoming class of 2009.
Some leave of their own accord, some are kicked out due to academic or discipline problems, it all depends on the individual circumstances.
Just don't go in there & break your leg. :biggrin:

Seriously, medical set backs don't happen all that often. I probably put extra worry into minds & that wasn't my intention. The ones dropping either drop during INDOC because they buckle under the stress then when the academic year begins, many are double stressed & their grades cause them to be dis-enrolled or "set-back."
what kind of grades would get you dis-enrolled or make you "set-back" ? What would be the worst grades you can get and stay in? can one course weigh more than another?
You've heard the saying "2.0 & go"? Its true. Then you've got some tough classes that you cannot fail. Four of them off the top of my head are Celestial & Terrestrial Navigation and the Calc & the Physics. I know of kids who flunked one or more of these courses & ended up being "set back". To be given the chance for a "set back" (being sent home then put back to the next incoming class) instead of total dis-enrollment, kids have to have a good track record for their time there: good grades in all other classes & no disciplinary problems, ect. There is a another common saying at KP as well: D is Done!
jamzmom, I am so sorry for killing you with questions, but you seem to know all the answers. Do you know how many classes are there per trimester?

Highly appreciate this and all the previous ones :smile: Thanks.
Not a problem Maxf90. Ask away with any question. If I don't have the answer, I'll try to find it. You'll take between 16 to 21 credits per tri-mester. About 6 - 7 classes total. Example of what a Plebe's first Tri looks like:

History of Sea Power - 3 credit hours
Maritime Professional Studies - 4 credit hours
Chemistry - 4 credit hours
Intro to MMNR - 2 credit hours
Calc I - 3 credit hours
Swimming/First Aid - 1 credit hour

The next two tri's start to get fun. Fire Fighting, Meteorology, Aquatic Survival along with the Physics & more Calc.

The class line up will depend on your major but pretty much every Plebe takes what I listed above.

My son had 54 credit hours within the first year. You prolly won't be bored. :biggrin:
drop out

Max, I'm not sure of the number who DOR but there are a number of academic set-backs and disenrollments as well as medical in each class. After the first trimester for my son's class I believe there were around 30 who left the academy for various reasons mentioned above (out of 280) who started indoc. Be aware that the academic load here is very heavy and that time management and study skills are of utmost importance. Some of the kids who were top dogs in high school have found that it's very difficult to carry the academic load and other duties at KP, so, if you are not a good time manager.....learn now! :smile:
Do dismissed cadets get a cold stare from other colleges when they try to transfer?