Dropping AFROTC after contracting/FT


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Jan 12, 2017
I am really having second doubts about wanting to become an officer. I really want to take my life another way, but I am afraid it is too late to do so. I am on scholarship and I am POC going into my second semester of my junior year. Would I be able to pay the money back to the AF or would I be required to enlist?
Most likely it will be payback, but it is not your choice the Air Force gets to decide and they could chose enlistment.
I agree most likely they will require you to pay the money back and not go enlisted. However, as you know it is the needs of the AF that determine this action. I recall only a few months ago a poster stated that the AF was indeed requiring them to go enlisted.

Additionally, understand that if they come a knocking for the money it is not only the tuition, but the stipend and allowances too. You will be handed a bill and they want that money ASAP not in 2 more years when you graduate.
~ DSs friend did decide after SFT, but in Aug. as soon as he came back that this was not for him. He was handed a 43K bill AND because he was scholarship his college's bursar was notified immediately. His account was put on lock until he paid that semesters tuition bill. Thus, it was a double whammy where had had to come up with @55K in a few weeks.
~ Gojira's DS (NROTC) was handed their bill and negotiated the payback using an attorney with military law experience, the 1st negotiation was full payment. Second was 4 yrs. 3rd was 10 yrs. He owed over 100K. And yes, he is repaying with interest.

I am not saying to stay because 4 yrs ADAF military is not going to be good for your morale if you never wanted to stay. What I am saying is before you pull the ripcord talk to your folks about how you are going to find that 40-50K very quickly.
~ Personal loan, selling stock, 401K, home equity or do they have it sitting around in the bank?
Additionally, is your major something that is sought after for career opportunities once you graduate or will you need a grad degree to get hired?

Again, I am not saying stay. I am saying at this point you need to really look at the what ifs. What if they force me to go enlisted like a poster a few months ago? What if they allow me to payback, but the folks don't have the 40K or do not qualify for a personal loan, where will we find the 300-400 a month payback, plus next years tuition?

If you quit now, be prepared not only to payback everything as soon as you go back, but also be prepared for the Bursar to be informed as soon as you go back to school that AFROTC will not be paying spring semester. Most Bursars will lock your account and drop your classes within 2 weeks if you do not pay (loans or payment system). Talk to the folks because this is not only about repayment, be it enlistment or pay, it is about finding this semesters bill without the scholarship and staying at the school to finish your degree.
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Also think about the fact it is literally 5 years of your life, that's a drop in the pan and you get a paid for education (no debt) plus other benefits when you leave. There are worse things you could do for 5 years.
I echo Pima, I'm not saying stay but take a real hard look at what it means to quit at this point.
It is actually 4 yrs ADAF. ROTC grads are 4 and SA grads are 5. However, for the majority of AFROTC grads they can wait 6 months to go to their AFSC. Unlike an SA grad the clock does not start on the day of commissioning, it starts the day you report which is why many will be close to 5 yrs after commissioning.
~ IE commission May 10th. Report to your op base Oct. 30th. The 4 yr clock starts ticking on Oct. 30th.

That being said I am with seacadetmum. If you truly hate AFROTC than leave, but if it is more about fear than I would stick it out.
~ Fear getting the AFSC you don't want. Fear of getting assigned to a base that you never in your life would want to visit let alone live there for 4 yrs. Places like Canon, Del Rio and Minot come quickly to my mind.

Yet, if you stop and think about not only the lack of debt, but at the same time the work experience you will obtain, you may decide it is worth the 4+ yrs ADAF. For example: Let's say your degree is Govt and politics. Your AFSC is PA. You take Tuition Assistance and since it is concurrent your clock only moves back 6 months, but you now have a grad degree. Now let's say your ultimate goal is to work on the Hill. Combine the undergrad degree, plus 4 yrs in Public Affairs at whatever base, and a grad degree, plus you may also have an SC or TS clearance, well you could be more competitive at the ripe old age of 26/27 than someone that only has an undergrad and grad degree especially if that Senator sits on the Armed Forces committee.
~ I can basically do this for any career field you want. Econ major and you go Finance. Finance officers don't deal with tiny budgets. Computer major and AFSC is cyber. Engineering and Lockheed will want you.

You really need to delve into what is now making you want to go another way for your life and if those reasons are realistic regarding obtaining your goal when you go the other way. Talk to people in the career field that you want to join. I mean really talk to people. Just because your best bud got a job at an amazing salary does not mean that it is common.