Dual License Program? 46 CFR 310.59(a)


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Apr 2, 2017
The USMMA currently offers the following programs:
1) Marine Transportation - A program combining nautical science and maritime business management.
2) Logistics and Intermodal Transportation - A program combining nautical science and logistics and intermodal management.
3) Marine Engineering - An engineering program focused on shipboard engineering operations.
4)Marine Engineering Systems - An engineering program emphasizing marine engineering design.
5) Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management - A program based on a marine engineering core and emphasizing the management of shipyards and other large engineering endeavors.

About the Curriculum

However, per 46 CFR 310.59, Courses of Instruction: (a) At Academy. Three major curriculums are offered: Nautical Science, for the preparation of deck officers; Marine Engineering, for the preparation of engineering officers; and the Dual License Program, a combined course which leads to licenses in both specialties. All midshipmen who are citizens shall take naval science courses prescribed by the Department of the Navy. All curriculums include general education courses and electives.

46 CFR 310.59

This remains a valid regulatory requirement and is rather current as the original date for this particular CFR is 2014-10-01

Programs #1 and 2 meet the requirement for nautical science. Programs #3-5 meet the requirement for Marine Engineering.

What happened to the Dual License Program as required by 46 CFR 310.59?
My understanding is that they increased the required number of sea days for licensing making it impossible to get in enough deck and engine sea time for dual licensing. My DS (class of 13) was a shopper (deck plus QMED) and that was the last year they even allowed that. Dual licensing was eliminated about 8 years ago as I recall.
You are reading too much into it. It is not written as a regulatory requirement but is simply descriptive.

Note the language that "Three major curriculums ARE offered" vs. "Three major curriculums SHALL BE offered" ... big difference.