Dublin Trip - Bog Bodies - 56K Warning - Not safe for kids


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Jun 8, 2006
While in Dublin I had the pleasure of visiting the National Museum. One of the exhibits there are some of the Bog People who have been discovered preserved in the peat bogs across the country.

The photos below show four different bodies. All were males between the ages of 25 and 30. All were murdered. In some cases, the body has been badly damaged either by the process by which it was discovered (one guy was halfway through a sod cutter before they realized what it was), the perpetrators, or simply by the passing of time. All died before the birth of Christ, so you can see that the peat is one hell of a preservative.

I apologize for the lousy photo quality, but no photography AT ALL is permitted in the museum, so I was shooting in a dark room without having a tripod. I tried to sharpen them as much as I could.

Here we go...

Body #1:



Body #2:

This one has an interesting twist to it. While you cannot see it here, his nipples were removed. At the time, subjects expressed their submission to the King by sucking on his nipples. By cutting them off, whoever did it assured that the victim would never be king. This guy was stabbed and then beheaded. All that remains is what you see. Notice the perfectly-preserved leather arm band on his left arm.


Body #3:

This guy was killed by being beaten over the head. His is the one that was cut in half by the sod-cutting machine before anyone knew he was there.



Body #4:




The last photo is taken (using Photo #2 as a reference) by the victim's right shoulder (he is lying face down) and along the body.

Fascinating stuff. All the bodies had actual skin still preserved, in some cases in an amazing state of preservation. The hands of the guy without the nipples still looked as if he was alive. Guy #4 had perfect toenails on one foot.

Hope you enjoyed it. :smile:
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Yummy. I just finished dinner & came in here & BOINK! Up pop 1000 year old dead people! LOL This is sooooo coool. The leather arm band is amazing that its intact. The close up of the face is outstanding. Their version of mummies. Very cool. Can't believe you didn't get caught with the camera..... :smile: Glad you could share here. I gotta go check more of this out! This is almost as good as that Leprecahn you were supposed to bring me back!
Actually, I DID get caught with the camera, but by then I had already gotten these. :thumb: