Dyslexia and 504


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May 3, 2007
I was told I should ask the question about Dyslexia regarding my son. My original post follows:

My son is finishing the eighth grade and we are working on his schedule for next year. All he's ever wanted to do was go to the Academy and then fly. He has good grades, is in NJHS usually makes the all "A" honor roll with one "B" every once in awhile. He is dyslexic but is very good in compensating. He is an Eagle Scout, has logged many hours in flight time and will be getting his private pilot's liscense at 16 (His dad is a pilot and an instructor). He should have his sailplane liscense this year. He is also involved in several sports and participates in Athletics in our Middle School and will, I'm sure, continue to be involved in Varsity, Football, Baseball and Track when he's old enough. My question is about Pre AP and AP classes.

Would it be better to work on getting higher grades in a regular class than in a PreAP . I'm not sure if the Academy even looks at PreAP classes. The PreAP classes at our school only add an extra .5 grade points into the Average. We are working on choice sheets and registration for next year and are not sure which way to go. With his Dyslexia it take him twice as much work to accomplish the same grades as the other students, but he's determined and feels he can keep his grades up. Do we need to work on the GPA or on the advanced classes as a Freshman.

It was told that only the regular SAT not the untimed one is the only ones accepted by all the service academies. How about Fed Regulation 504. He
with a lot of hard work and practice can probably do fine on the timed version of the SAT's and only has a very few modifications for his 504's. He's learned to compensate very well. We can have all removed if necessary. I would hate to have him disqualified because he's 504 in High School. Now would be the time to take off . He's mainly had them for backup, just in case he needs them. Can you give me a heads up!
The fact that your son is currently receiving special accommodations would be a disqualification for learning disabilities from DoDMERB. Also if he were still receiving accommodations at the time of his physical exam the chances of a waiver would decrease.

The fact that your son will be starting the ninth grade this fall does give you some time to work with your son, his counselor and physician to find a way to work within his abilities to overcome the dyslexia. I would not just pull him out of the program without speaking with the professionals who have placed him into the program. You still have lots of time to work this out.

Just bear in mind that the medical standards do change, so in the next 4 years who knows where the medical standards will be, they could become more restrictive, or more relaxed, it all depends on what the Department of Defense decides to do.

I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask away.