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Feb 18, 2007
I'm asking this on behalf of the daughter of a friend of mine. She's received a 4 year Army ROTC and had her DoDMERB physical with several items that needed "remedials."

The headache and allergy one I can help with, but.....the one regarding dysmenorrhea is a ?? to me.

As a young teenage girl she has had painful and heavy bleeding during periods. To be on the safe side several years go her GYN did a laposcrapy to check for problems and everything came out normal. The doctor prescribed birth control pills to help with cramps, etc. Now the tricky part is that her doctor has retired and she has no way to get copies of his records. Should she just write a letter in response to the request for information about the dysmenorrhea? To be honest I don't know many girls or women who have not experiened this at least once in their life.

Thanks for you help!!
I would actually try to get hold of the doctor as he probably has retained the records of all his patients in case he is ever sued for malpractice. It may be difficult to track him down, but would probably be fruitful if he were found.
I agree with what KP states, but I would also have the daughter (and mom can help as well) write a letter explaining everything she has been through, any diagnosis that was given, what medications she currently takes, as well as what symptoms she currently has and if it interferes with any activities. Also have her state that the physician is retired, and the family is attempting to locate the medical records.

I'm sure the records are stashed in a warehouse somewhere, but the search could take months, and if the letter is written clearly, and in great detail, DoDMERB may be able to clear based on the letter, and if not, they will request a new evaluation.

Thanks. I will advise her. It is sad, but her parents are not helping her at all with this process. She already received the Army ROTC and she's so excited. She came to me because I just went through all this with a Navy ROTC and USMMA appointment with my son...........hope her results turn out as good as my son's did!

Bless you all for the great help!