Eagle Project


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Jan 27, 2009
Woot i just got my eagle project approved tonight

Any Eagle scouts our there??
My twin brother- USCGA_HOPEFUL is and I am a Ranger and Silver Awardee (Venturing)
Congratulations by the way and good luck! Use it for what it was meant for- to learn how to lead... a lot of boy scouts make this very simple mistake (that I have seen anyways)
thanks for the advice


have you been appointed yet?
yeah in December :)!!!! Already accepted! Counting the days :)... 132 days to I-day by the way (well counting today- which is about to turn tomorrow to those in the Eastern time zone :)...)
have you been?
Nope Im a 2015 wel actually a 2016 hopeful i guess

im a sophmore now but im going on a foriegn excahnge trip next year so i will have 2 more years left after my exchange

so i will graduate with the high school freshman this year
I'm an eagle scout, I got mine a little over a year ago. I got my project done April of '07 and didn't get my paperwork done until december and had my board in January...don't do that
I'm an Eagle Scout too. Finished the project in June and finished the merit badges in November. I hope you've gotten those completed, I thought they were harder than the project itself.
yeah my project is my last thing

ive been spl of 2 different troops would that be good to list?