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Dec 22, 2008
If i am an eagle scout how much does my chance of acceptance increase by. (approximately) The reason I ask is because Ive heard that if your an eagle scout your almost guaranteed an appointment.
Being an Eagle does not almost guarantee an appointment. There are a lot of very competitive people, and being Eagle may place you above a peer who has very similar academics, althletics, but lacking in leaderhsip experience. Being an Eagle is just one of many leadership acheivements - work hard and do not be overconfident.
PDub is 100% correct. Without counting, there are is probably more than a 100 possible extra curricular activities, sports, leadership activities, volunteering activities, etc... Obviously no one can do them all. And obviously not everyone who applies to the academy has all the same likes and dislikes and interests. It would be pretty crappy to say; "You might not like scouting, civil air patrol, JrRotc, Football, etc..... but if you don't do these specific interests, you can't get into the academy". Or similarly; "If you do this LIST of activities, you're almost guaranteed to get into the academy".

Scouting in general, and eagle scout are very admirable activities. I was in scouting for about 10 years. I loved it. And the leadership you learn in it is definitely a feather in your cap when applying to the academy. But so is CAP; so is JrROTC; so is captain of the Football team; so is class president; so is Head of your FFA chapter; so is going to Boy/Girl's State; and so is a hundred other things. Just like football doesn't garner more points than baseball, soccer, volleyball, track, etc... (One caveat; if you are a nationally ranked athlete being recruited by the academy, that's a different story); but 80+% of all cadets have varsity letters. Doesn't matter which sport.

The academy wants individuals who are leaders, team players, those who help others, excellent academics, and so on. Any activity you do in no more important than any other activity in the same category.

So be proud of your eagle accomplishment. Enjoy the time with your troop and friends. But your scouting and eagle scout will pull just as much weight as the applicant who is the class president, or in CAP, or is a club officer, etc.... And FWIW; only approximately 10-11% of all cadets were in scouting at all. And definitely not all of them were eagle scouts. Best of luck. Mike....
It just shows that you are commited to something. It doesn't guarantree anything. CC summed it up nicely.

We should just have Christcorp answer all the questions. He could just run the site and everyone could come to him for his skillful insight and wisdom.


According to the USAFA class of 2013 profile:

  • 28% (383 of 1,368) were in Boy/Girl Scouts

  • 13% (177 of 1,368) were Eagle/Gold scouts
2012 had similar numbers, 29% participated in Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts, and 13% achieved Eagle / Gold status.
luigi; you are correct. I was looking at the CAP and JrROTC specs. (Those 2 also get the same type of questions). Suffice it to say, that it's not a majority of cadets. Not taking anything away from such a wonderful accomplishment. But nothing should be taken away from the person who dedicated years to marching band, orchestra, Future Farmers of America, young Republicans/Democrats, or any of the other clubs, groups, and associations. Just like no one sport counts for more points on your application than any other sport. But thanks for correcting me luigi.

And BSA; I definitely appreciate your kind words. But I will be the first to say that even with 30 years of experience with the military; both active and retired; I learn just as much from the other posters on this and the other military forums. And I would honestly say that a lot of what I say is a regurgitation of what others like luigi, flieger, Bullet, Pima, Hornet, Cancad, and so many others have written here. And that is what this forum is all about. Being able to pass on accurate and timely information. And if it wasn't for the current cadets who visit the forums, the "TIMELY" part would be very difficult to report.