early commissioning program: officer after only two years at junioro military college

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by educateme, Sep 24, 2011.

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    I got this question from a friend who son is interested in Army career. I would like to help him.

    he heard about early commission program that allows you to become an office in only two years after graduating from a junior military college (he was talking about Valley Forge Military College).

    Never heard of this before. Anybody with experience? Is it for real? Sounds too good to be true, especially in this environment for reduced quota for AD and what not!
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    Valley Forge Military College is $40k a year plus fees.
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    "The Early Commissioning Program (ECP) allows Military Junior College students to complete ROTC in two years and gain a commission as a Second Lieutenant. Upon completion of the two year program, ECP Lieutenants then go on to complete their education at a four year institution while serving in the Army National Guard or the U.S. Army Reserve. After completing their four-year degree, ECP Lieutenants can request accession into the Active Duty Army."

    This is from the Marion Military Institute's website- hope it clarifies.
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    It is indeed true as the quote suggests. The summer after high school they go to LTC, which provides essentially the first two years of ROTC. After the freshman year they go to LDAC.
    They must get their bachelor's degree and there is a time limit for that.

    The DOD recognizes five military junior colleges:
    Marion Military Institute
    New Mexico Military Institute
    Valley Forge Military Academy
    Wentworth Military Academy
    Georgia Military College
    All include a secondary school as well as a junior college except MMI which is solely a two year junior college.

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