Early Submission or Improve PFA?


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May 1, 2008
Well I know that the due date for the papers aren't due until January 10th but I was wondering if I should submit everything yet. My PFA is below. Should I submit it early to have a higher chance or wait until I can improve my PFA?

1.5 Mile Run: 10:37
Push-Ups: 35
Sit-Ups: 40
I wouldn't submit right now...Get those scores up, because I am not sure that you are passing on pushups and situps.
If we are doing the PFE for Coast Guard Academy (1.5 mile run, pushups, and situps) can we submit it for NROTC? Just curious.

This is the way to score for AFROTC. You did not say two things which ROTC- Navy, AF, Army. Also if you are male or female, the scoring is different.

For AFROTC, there is a December board if you do not have your stuff in for that they don't see you.
Just did it again today. Think these are good enough?
By the way I'm submitting to AFROTC.

Sit Ups: 43
Push Ups: 45
1.5 Mile Run: 10:27
looking at the chart that justawife linked...you willl not like your ranking...keep working at it you have several weeks to pull up your scores...push-up and sit ups need to increase.
We don't have your waist size but a 34 is pretty average. 25 pts
1.5 --43.5pts
p up--8 pts
s up--7.75 pts=84.75
That is a good score.

Look, the boards are more concerned about your academics and test scores. Most cadets improve their scores over the time that they are in the Det. A good PFA isn't going to make up for bad grades or low test scores. This a small portion of the whole person that they look at, leadership is as important as your PFA.
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