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So, I had a quick question.

My mom self-diagnosed me with eczema as a kid because my little sister had it and my brother and I displayed the same thing. So, I checked that I did have it on the questionnaire. However, it ended as quickly as it began. I was nine at the time and was gone by the end of the year. I have not had an encounter with it ever since.

So, my question is if this would DQ me even though I didn't have it for even a year and I have not had it since. Also, since it was a self-diagnose and thus not on my records (which means mom could have mistaken it for dry skin or a rash) would I just put a line through it as stated by the website before bringing it to my exam?
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Did you provide a detailed explanation in response to: Question 83. Remarks? If you provided a detailed explanation, this does not sound like a disqualifying condition. Dodi 6130.03 lists a disqualifying condition as:

d. History of atopic dermatitis or eczema after the 12th birthday. History of residual or recurrent lesions in characteristic areas (face, neck, antecubital or popliteal fossae, occasionally wrists and hands).

Also, you were not medically diagnosed, only "diagnosed" by your mother. If your skin shows no evidence of eczema now and you explain the situation I would bet you will have not problem. But I am not DoDMERB.


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Thank you for your responses.

I wasn’t detailed in the block. I kinda just got to the point. Said mom diagnosed it, used over counter cream, and it started and ended at age 9.

I’ll check to see if there is any mentions of it in my files and if not, make the corrections on the paper as instructed on the dodmets site by crossing it out and putting initials plus date there.

Again, thank you!


If it is clear to DodMerb that you have not had any excema past the age of 12, then they will not DQ you even if you do mention it on your form.