Emotions of an Academy Cadet

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    I usually post this right before basic training and again around recognition day. I was asked by a lurker if I could post it prior to their son going off to academy BCT.

    Any of you with appointments, you might want to read this. Maybe it will help keep things in perspective. Best of luck..... Mike.......


    1) Get accepted to the academy: EMOTION: HELL YEA!!!!!
    2) I-Day: EMOTION: Why do I feel like I'm going to puke?
    3) 1st half of BCT: EMOTION: Well, at least I'm not the only one who looks lost. Please look at someone else besides me. PLEASE!!!!
    4) 2nd half of BCT (Jack's): EMOTION: This ain't so bad. This part is pretty fun. GOD, I'm so tired. What the hell did I get myself into???? Please let me sleep!!!!
    5) Last week of BCT: EMOTION: I'm almost there. This is the hardest part. After this, the rest of the academy will be a breeze. (Delusional thoughts. Probably the lack of oxygen and sleep)
    6. A-Day: EMOTION: YES! I'm really a cadet now. All the others will respect me now. (More lack of oxygen and definite lack of sleep)
    7. Classes Start: EMOTION: What? Who? Where? When? ARGGGGG!!! MY HEAD HURTS.
    8. Mid-term: EMOTION: Holy crap! What if I forget? What if I fail? What will my parents think? Can I get kicked out for this? ARGGGGG!!!! Head Still Hurts
    9. Thanksgiving break: EMOTION: Yes!!! Out of this place! Do I really want to come back? State U looks really good right now. My friends at home seem pretty happy. What about me????
    10. Back to school getting ready for finals: EMOTION: This sucks!!! I don't need this crap!!! I can transfer my credits and go to another school. God why am I doing this???
    11. Finals Finished Christmas Break: EMOTION: PEACE and GOOD WILL TOWARDS MEN!!!! Yea, it sucks here, but that's 1 semester down and 7 more to go. Put this place out of my mind.
    12. Return to academy: EMOTION: Take a deep breath. New Room Mates; Cool. Different classes. Cool. Still cold and dark a lot. That sucks. Well, I guess I can give it one more semester. See what happens.
    13. R-DAY: EMOTION: I really AM a Cadet now. They actually DO RESPECT me. "At least a little bit". OK; it could be worse.

    REPEAT STEPS 7-12; seven more times. Throw in a spring break before the end of #2,4,6,and 8. Throw a Summer break prior to 3,5, and 7. Stamina grows stronger each semester. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Every couple of days remember how much this place sucks. Every OTHER couple of days remember that this place ain't so bad. Every once in a while realize that this place is pretty cool. ALWAYS REMEMBER WHY YOU WANTED TO COME HERE AND WHAT YOUR GOAL IS.

    Good luck to all cadets and appointees. Congrats to the C4C who were just recognized. Mike....
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    And also these wise words someone sent me 7 years ago when DS headed off to USAFA; a lot of the points won't apply until after BCT, but #1 is key for any parent sending DS/DD off to any SA

    From Someone's Very Wise Mother

    1. If AFA is not for you, you have a home to come to if you leave. I will still love you and be as proud of you as I am today. However, you must not leave on a bad day, but a good one, and you must have a plan for your future education along with the means to support it so that you can realize your dreams. This should never be a frivolous decision because you have discovered all the 'crap' you have to deal with. Each day is different and has it stresses and fun.

    2. AFA has dealt with its share of scandals in the past few years, and many of the problems have stemmed from cadets drinking, both under aged and legally. I would want my son to understand that a bottle of beer or one too many, could end his dreams and it is never going to be worth it. Don't break my heart and destroy what you have been blessed with over alcohol.

    3. Life is not fair in the civilian world, and it seems more unfair in the military world, but don't ever let that deter you from your goals. You make things work for you and learn to suck up the stupid stuff.

    4. The right girl for you will stick with you through thick and thin and support your choice as a cadet and be tolerant of what you have to deal with. The wrong girl will ask you to give it all up for her with no regard for your ambitions.

    5. No matter what your peers do, it is up to you to make the right choice for yourself. Peer pressure is an excuse for the weak and you are in a leadership laboratory. Remember that.

    6. It's so much easier to follow the rules than it is to sweat getting caught if you break them, and not be able to concentrate on the important things in your present. BTW, you WILL get caught.

    7. Academics come first and foremost. You are there for the education, not to become the world's greatest boot shiner. Do everything to the best of your ability, but know the priorities for success at AFA.

    8. Time management is the best skill anyone can have, and it is one you must master at AFA, because they will stress you with too much to do in too little time. Each day seems to take forever, but the years fly by.

    9. Keep in touch with your family. I would love to get one or two minutes of your free time each week just to hear your voice.

    10. Be honest with me about what is happening for you. If you are stressed, having academic problems, need to vent, or whatever, I love you and will be there for you always. I will do all I can to help, even if it is just to listen to you rant.
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    This needs to be a sticky!
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    Another emotion/feeling our DS told us was how alone he felt during 1st Beast. We were confused by that comment because every pic we saw on WebGuy was that he was with other Basic Cadets. His comment was that you are with people all day, but you really can't talk to anyone. There is virtually no Basic to Basic interaction (there are a few things like the day at the Rodeo or intermurals but not daily interaction). So here you are surrounded by other Basic Cadets and used to constant interaction with others (either in person or virtually - Snap Chat, texting, etc.), but there isn't any social interaction going on. And when they were done for the night, they were asleep before their heads hit the pillow so there wasn't much socializing in their rooms. Now keep in mind that our DS is very social, but it was something he shared with us. It all changed with 2nd Beast when there is more team work involved during the day so much more social interaction.
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