Should I join junior emt or civil air patrol?

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sci-fi girl

Feb 28, 2017
I just recently come to learn that their are both a junior emt program and a civil air patrol program that I could possibly join. However, as I don't have my own car yet, my mom or someone else would have to lend me their car and so I was told to chose one. I'm really interested in both and I wasn't sure if they would have different standings for my application. I know a majority of applicants do civil air patrol or jrotc or something similar and was thinking junior emt might make me stand out a tad bit.
As always all thoughts and advice are appreciated.
I dont know much about the jr emt program, but I can tell you from experience that CAP is one of the best programs out there for whatever you want to do. It gives you a lot of experience for being in a para-military environment (obviously nothing like an academy, but still) and it looks really good in an application, given that you really take part in the program.
Agree with Knight990, but you may wish to consider EMT over CAP due to the life-saving skills learned. You never know when they can come in handy for treating a family member or, later on, your own child. I took EMT a long time ago ( early 80's). Back then it was mostly 1st do no harm, then treat for shock (along with a few specific treatments for specialized situations.) Although still sage advise, imagine it's advanced some since then. How about both until you get EMT certified, then re-evaluate?