End of first tri this week


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Apr 13, 2016
Hope all of the plebes seem to be doing ok. You should see a bit of stress in their messages because of exams, but, they will be over soon. You probably have figured out there is no real way to know when they can leave, but, just grin and bear it. Last year we offered to go places, visit places, etc., but DS just wanted to come home. He wasn't able to visit any of his high school buddies who were out of town for school, but there were a couple who stayed in town that he was able to catch up with. If I had anything to say to prepare you, it would be - enjoy the time. And, you may need to ask questions to pull things out of him/her. He/she may not know what to say if you just say tell me about it. So, get ready to ask questions to learn things. Go through the pictures of the plebes on your class facebook page, and see who their friends are. oh, and have a camera when they walk out of the secure area at the airport. I still enjoy seeing him walk through the airport in uniform, and, if this is the first time he/she is coming home, it is a good time to take a picture and save the memory.
Ha! My plebe is going straight to visit friends at Cornell for the weekend. Then home for some relaxation. Best part we have him to ourselves for the balance of his time off.