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Aug 13, 2008
When one is an active duty soldier and they don't need a vision waiver to serve when they apply to west point will they need to go through dodmerb and get a waiver
Meghan, I'm assuming you want someone on the Forums to answer your question, so I won't:smile:
Aw, Larry, the newb apparently hasn't been around long enough to know the ropes! She'll figure it out soon and "let" you help her!
usma2013hopeful -
send Larry an email, he will gladly help you out!

Larry, as a matter of general information - I would like to know, do those who are already enlisted who apply to a SA take the DoDMERB exam?
I *think* they do but I am not sure about that......
Meghan already knows who I am.... We've corresponded before

Yes, Active duty folks will take a DoDMERB exam as part of their application:thumb:
I wasn't sure if I could still use the help of mr. mullen because it wasn't relevant to this years DODMERB application. Just finding a way to get a waiver and fufill my dreams.