Enlisted Airmen Applicants?

Any word yet if you guys got accepted? And did you hear first from your guys’ squadron commander or from portal?

I am curious about your username. Are you vegan? If so, do you plan on staying vegan if you go to the Academy?

If I made a crazy guess I would say he's about as much of a vaping vegan crossfitter as I am a Tactical Turtle.
I actually got word back yesterday, and it was from the CC. She got an email from the Academy telling her that she could congratulate me before the portal is updated.
Yeah congrats Winston on the appointment! Keep us updated on when your portal gets updated and how outprocessing will go about for you!
Congrats & think about getting the vegetarian card for meals at Mitch's. It's nice to have options...
I'm applying through the LEAD program as well. I called my counselor to check on something and he mentioned they will be looking at enlisted applicants soon. However, if you are competitive for direct entry, you will most likely be looked at with everyone else.
I certainly hope "soon" is when all of us will get our notifications. Seeing other prior enlisted members get their notifications already is a little disheartening.
Spoke to a counselor about any updates on release dates and that's what they told me :)
Makes sense! I hope we all know what the outcomes are by that time - Direct or Prep. At this point, I think we all just want to hear a "Yes" or "No". [emoji1]
As an aside, my DS commented on the positive impact that prior had on his BCT squadron. I salute your current service and fortitude. Hang in there...
Still waiting! It Is my understanding that admissions hasn't begun reviewing airmen for USAFAPS Appointments yet. They hope to have the entire process completed by April 15th, per a USAFA counselor.