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Jan 7, 2009
Good day,

Just a quick note, any tips on airmen to the prep, i recently got nominated by my base commander and squadron commander, package looks all right , but SAT'S not so swell? any advice or opinions?i got all that good stuff , base involvement, base soccer team, community involvement, medical support,college credits, etc.. i deploy to baghdad next week so i will keep my fingers crossed downrange for this to go through. Any selection criteria tips would be awesome or any info in general. My education office lady didn't really have the charisma or effort to help me, i know its kind of last second but it doesn't take a lot of time to put a packet together and if it does, your commander doesn't know you that well.

Greeting from the 52nd medical group in spangdahlem air base, Germany.

SrA Aviles.
Dang; I miss Spang. I spent a lot of time there during the last Ice Age (The 80's). Anyway; if you can retake SAT/ACT's then do it. However; if you're looking at this year, you may not have enough time. If the base command and squadron command gave you an endorsement, then they obviously think you have a pretty good chance. They aren't going to waste their time on you if they think you have too much to improve on. By chance; are EITHER of them academy grads? If so; they may have better advice (And/or contacts) than anyone else can offer you. Best of luck.... Mike.....
What are you're sat scores?

Good luck in Iraq, and thank you for serving our wonderful nation :D
LEAD program you say? I did it.

SrA Aviles,

Talk to someone who have done it. Wait... that's me. From the sounds of it your package is solid. What was your SAT scores again? I know my SAT scores weren't that great either I had Math 620 Eng 540. You will most likely end up at the prep school like I did. And as a prior you have a greater chance of making it in to the prep school. I'm not saying you are guaranteed a slot (so I don't burst your bubble if you don't make it). There are 50 slots reserved for priors to the preparatory school and 85 slots direct entry to USAFA. I can tell you right now that we don't even have 50 prior enlisted folks at the prep school at this moment. Some priors really get discouraged of getting the prep school slot so many just decline it. I love it. Well... I don't love it (love is such a strong word) but it's well worth the decision to come here. As a SrA you will be making lots of mullah up here. Your pay will freeze though so you aren't eligible for promotion or pay raises. Other pay such as uniform supplement pay is allowed. Hmm... let's see what else... there is so much things I could say right now... It's why I started a blog (http://cadetblog.com). Which probably won't last since I did not expect the load of work I have this semester! But I will try to post atleast 2 per week about my day-to-day life as a preppie on my way to bein a cadet...

To get back on your question, you have a decent package. Base involvement is definitely something that's going to help you also. How did you do in high school? As for your SATs, that's what prep school is for. The prep school is mainly to help those deserving to go to USAFA make their package look stronger. You will be mandated to take the ACT come February while over here. If you have any more questions about the prep school or about the Academy feel free to ask me. I'm currently a Preppie (class of 2009, prospective USAFA class of 2013). Good luck on your application and in the sandbox!

A note of advice for your package, seek help and advice of those that are the best EPR writers at your squad, or anywhere. They can make **** look good. :thumb:

All, thank you for your quick response! my high school career overall wasn't bad at all i maintained a decent GPA , about 9.759 weighted which i think is equivalent to 3.15 or somewhere along those lines, excelled in lacrosse as a letterman for all 4 years, involved in school activities. I am currently enrolled in college with devry and have about 30 semester hours, my SA T's at least when i took them i faired at about 330 for verbal and 240 for math, i know! which is why i wish i would have prepared for it but that was a while ago.

That's why i am so scared so i am hoping my prior enlisted experience along with a good strong package can show them my determination and desire to better myself through their prep program. I love being overseas but the hardship of being active duty , going to college full-time, being involved, deployments, TDY'S , and just everyday enlisted life can wear down on one's desire to finish college education.

Again god bless you all and thank you for your help , i am deploying next week so i hope my packet comes through ok, any advice? I'm pretty sure i have to endorse the af form 1786 by my sq/cc which he said he will get the wing cc endorsement, and make sure it is filled out along with his view on my chances at completing the prep program. I do have my high school transcript , but my college transcript has yet to get to me, my college has been lazy, i talked to a prep academy counselor and she told me no worries just push a note on the package. That way they know they are expecting it. Thanks for all your advice!!!
I'm not surprise why your counselor said don't worry. You seem really determined and that is something that gets you up here. Good luck.
Thanks man! really appreciate that, i am definetely determined, although im kind of worried on my packet progress, since i leave next week for Baghdad i am starting to panic! I am so ready to take the next step, yes sat's are important but i would suppose that already being in the air force and progressing as much as i have would benefit the academy as opposed to investing on a kid coming straight from high school? I already have college and have already been accustomed to military customs. Oh well just hoping for the best, hopefully my deployment can portray my leadership qualities and experience.