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Aug 1, 2017
So I will soon be going into the Navy as an enlisted sailor. However, I have gained great interest in going to the Naval Academy. In a previous post of mine I have mentioned that high school was a complete bust for me. But I really don't want to let this stop me. Usually people who go to the Naval Academy are elites in their classes and I could have been that, but I've dealt with many family and personal struggles putting that out the picture. But it's time for me to guide my own path in life. Where would I start putting myself in the right direction while on my way to becoming an enlisted sailor? And if you ask why I would want to go from enlisted to midshipman then to answer that I feel going right into the Navy as a start would ultimately be better for me then going right to college.

The path you are discussing is not an easy one and certainly no guarantees. USNA has a group assigned to help active duty sailors/marines through the process. There are threads on this forum that can get you started once you hit the fleet.

1. Excel at all you do once you take the oath.

Some that are selected from the fleet go through NAPS, others go straight to USNA.

Good luck!
It's do able... hit the deck running, make a strong record from the beginning. Honor Man at Boot Camp, excel in A school, get strong evals when you hit the fleet. Demonstrate your leadership and be recognized...then tell your Chain of Command that you have a dream of going to USNA, and they can help you make it happen. There is no better feeling than sending one of your young enlisted troops to an Officer program. It's not easy, but there are plenty who have gone before you. (My NAPS roommate is one !). You should however keep an eye on the clock -- there is a maximum age for entry into USNA so don't wait to long.

Final thought ..enjoy the ride. Whether you make it into USNA or not, service in the Navy is a great experience. You have an opportunity to work with some of the best men and women in the country. You don't have to enter with the sole goal of getting into USNA ,,,enjoy the experience, work hard , and success will follow.

Good luck, and thank you for serving.
No NJP! Be a good Sailor from the get-go. Take advantage of all the learning opportunities. Explore ALL the Enlisted Commissioning Programs, but don't lose focus on learning your rate and being a good follower and shipmate. When there are opportunities to lead, however small, take them.

Read the USNA.edu website, every dropdown and link, so you understand the academic emphasis. Think about what you didn't do well in HS that USNA wants to see, and take advantage of whatever they call the Education and Training person these days at your command down the road. There are Navy distance learning/college courses, HS refresher, and on the outside, Khan Academy and many free resources.

The Navy's PACE program has been around a long time, and has evolved with the times. Check out:

**NJP = Non-judicial punishment or Captain's Mast, an administrative conduct hearing.
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Good advice above. Keep in mind USNA is only one path to a commission. Do not close your mind to the Seaman to Admiral program where you attend a civilian (or even SMC) college and participate in NROTC on the Navy's dime.
Thank you all! Great information. I've read a bit about STA-21 (I believe that's the abbreviation) and it seems like an interesting program. I think I'm going to have USNA as my number one option, but definitely have other options on my hand to take advantage of along the way. I've always heard it's good to keep your options open.

I do know my sole goal on entering the fleet. And it's not to attend USNA. My sole goal is to help build myself into a better person and impact the lives of people in this country and world in a positive way. And I want to do that through the Navy. But attending the USNA would be an amazing experience and I want to do whatever it takes to possibly attend the Academy!