Enrolling in College and/or ROTC at the Semester Mark?


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Aug 5, 2007
I have a question, and also please understand that this has nothing to do with my future intentions. Can you enroll in any college at the semester mark? If I was to take a break for an entire semester, and enroll midyear, is that possible? I know in High School this happens all the time, but I'm not that familiar with college to tell you the truth. I'm not talking about a college transfer by the way. Do only some colleges do this, or do most allow this practice? Thank You ^^
You can do anthing you want as an adult.

But if you are accepted by a college for fall you must start in fall. Also if you have a ROTC scholarship you must start in fall.
It depends on the college - you can get a deferment from some. You would have to go through their admissions department. Some bigger schools now offer some freshman acceptance but not until the spring semester. University of South Carolina did this last year.
As far as ROTC goes - the classes are taken sequentially and may not be offered when you want. For Army - you would have to consult with the unit. You can still catch up - you don't even have to take the first two years - you can go to camp and make it up before your junior year.
AFROTC scholarship states you must start in fall. I know he has a 3 year AF scholarship, that is why I said that.

AF allows you to double up but not until you gone to field training, this lets kids do study abroad. They also use it for express scholars too.
^^ Actually a 4 year type II. The reason I find this important is because - I want to be at least prepared for the worst about the military academy. We always need a backup plan for whatever reason we have... I'm pretty sure there won't be a problem, but if there is... and if I chose to not go past plebe summer (which I'm hoping won't be the case) I want to make sure that I can still get into a ROTC program for whatever school... I don't even care about catching up, but I refuse to waste a whole year to start the stuff all over again from scratch.

What exactly is deferment? Thank You ^^
justawife - I get you - I was just talking in general - without rotc considerations.

EG - don't you also have an Army ROTC scholarship? Not yet maybe - I forget.

Deferment - when you are accepted to the school and petition to matriculate a semester or year later. Happens a lot due to a variety of circumstances - illness, opportunity to travel etc....

If something happens during beast and you can't continue there are a variety of creative options that you can pursue.

EG - one more piece of unsolicited advice - sometimes it is better to let life just happen than trying to overthink every step.
I would think that colleges will not let you defer because of the what if plan, and I would think the same would be true for the scholarships. Please remember others lives may be affected...i.e. accept SA slot, then somebody else can get the ROTC scholarship. Accept the ROTC scholarship, someone gets the slot.

JAM is right you need to at some point stop doing the what ifs, because you'll spend more time what iffing your life away...this is an important decision, but you are young and mistakes can be corrected. At some point you will have to roll the dice and take the chances...think aout it what if you go to the SA and get medically disqualified during any of one of your years (you pick one...doesn't matter) What will you do now, your dream of being an officer is gone and there is no ROTC scholarship...now that is the what if you should be considering, what if the military and I don't work out what will I do? Believe it or not your education and what you get a degree in is more important than how it is paid for.
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