Enuresis Waiver?


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Dec 19, 2007
Hey everyone my son is applying to all the rotc and service academies you can think of because he needs a waiver. Specifically, the naval academy, coast guard academy, air force, and army rotc. He has accepted an army 4 scholarship, but just found out he didn't pass the DoDMerb for the following reasons:

1.current orthopedic appliance
2.Enuresis or incontinence of urine after the 13th birthday (bed wetting)

Now I am assuming the braces aren't a huge deal because he is getting them off within the next two weeks so I am confident he'll get that waiver. However, the bed wetting concerns both him and I. He wet the bed up until about 20 months ago May of 2006. Since may of 2006 he hasn't wet or been on any medication. The doctors said it wasn't due to any physical or mental problems, that he just needed to mature, which he did. The doctors say he is fine, and it wont reoccur but he was DQed and says he needs a waiver. What are the chances he gets waivered for this, and what can we do to increase his chances? Also, is the army more willing to waiver than other branches?
Once the braces have been removed, get a copy of the clinical notes from the dentist and send it in to DoDMERB. They will be able to completely remove that disqualification.

For the enuresis, if you can get everything you stated here in writing from the physicians, as well as a statement from your son explaining everything in his words and submit it all to DoDMERB it will definitely help the waiver authorities make a determination. The fact that he's been off the medication for over a year without any issues will definitely help the waiver process.

As for one service being more lenient with waivers than another, I really can't say that I have seen that. For certain disqualifications one service may grant more than another, but there are service specific restrictions where something may be more of an issue for one service and not another.
Thank you I appreciate the quick response, and I will definitely have my son write the letter and I will handle the physicians note. Have you ever heard of this being wavered? He talked to an army ROTC detachment and they don't feel he'll have any trouble getting it passed because they said the Army has been quite easy the last few months on waivers.
It is a waiverable condition depending on when he last took medication, if the condition was resolved and if the service that is reviewing his case for waiver feels that it is an issue that will not get reoccur/get worse due to military service.
Well thanks for all the help, luckily the army has waivered him for the enuresis and is just waiting for a remedial which he passed so he has a back up plan! We'll find out about the USNA soon! Thanks!
Good evening, I know this is an older post, but my daughter is having a similar problem. She just graduated BMT but is on hold right now. She had to
Have a waiver signed off on for having accidents while she was there. She has suffered from this most her life, going long periods of time waking up dry. But as soon as she left for BMT, it started up again. She was told she can write her rebuttal, but said she fears she’ll be disqualified. Is there any chance she’ll still be eligible for another job? Or does disqualified mean she’ll no longer be an airman. My heart breaks for her because this, in no way impedes her ability to do her job. She performed wonderfully and is proud of her accomplishment. But we both fear she may not get to move forward.
I’m not sure if this is how I should post, but anyone who can relate, I’d be most grateful for any feedback.
AFMom424, my son is going thru similar experience. I hope your daughter was able to get a waiver.
My son also graduated BMT but is now in Med Hold due to this condition. We are very concerned he may be disqualified and get sent home.
Does anyone here have any advise on what we can do to help him with his chances of moving forward? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
AllGood - This post was from 2020. These Forums are for Service Academies, ROTC, and other officer programs. BMT is for enlisted folks. Given what you've stated, it's all in the hands of the medical folks at BMT and the Service...not DoDMERB or USMEPCOM. That boat has sailed. :wiggle:
Thank you for your reply. Sorry, I didn’t realize these posts are for officer programs.
Our honor and privilege to serve :wiggle:
I see this is an older post but with a similar situation. My DS just received a 3yr AROTC as a high school senior. DoDMERB is 'waiting on remedial' now as we gather the information from his provider. Our concern / question is given how the condition is listed in such records but with no current explanations. Is it best to submit a note from our DS along w the provider notes, etc. or just the provider notes as the AMI states? Thanks in advance.