Mar 17, 2017
Does anyone have any insight into being selected to EOD out of NROTC? I was wondering how competitive it is and also how difficult the academic training for it is. Is it very STEM heavy? Does your major matter when going into EOD as in if you majored in, for example, chemistry or physics, would that give you somewhat of an advantage in the pipeline?
EOD is very competitive to get. Majors generally don't matter for service selection, EOD being one of those. I would say PRT scores and overall top performance are items they would look at. Dive school and EOD training is very physical. Not sure on dive school summer training options (USNA its number can vary by year) for NROTC, but a solid performance there would certainly help. NOLA might have some other items such as any screeners or numbers for the past few years.
Would majoring in a STEM field be helpful for the academic part of it or will it not matter because they teach everything there that they want you to know?
Thank you. I am still deciding on what field I would like to pursue and am looking at all options, but my downfall is sort of a lack of motivation when it comes to STEM. Just not all that into it. So would say to focus more on the physical training aspect of it especially swimming?
Well, a focus on the physical stuff can help you in anything and would never go to waste. I know some outstanding midshipmen who, as ensigns, DORed from EOD. It's very cometitive to get in and it's very tough once you are in. Good luck.
Generally you're moved to another community, but I expect there are exceptions.
If your DOR more than likely you will be headed to SWO. That isn't a hard and fast rule, but it depends on several factors all surrounding needs of the Navy. A few years ago the Navy was over staffed with officers. If someone was dropped from flight school or Nuke school they got an exit from the Navy. I don't think they are doing that right now, but who knows what the future looks like. EOD is very physically demanding and where most folks are DOR'd on the officer side.