Eulogy of a Leader

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    Last week there was a flurry of posting about a Navy Captain relieved of command. It was apparent that the Captain in question violated some cardinal principals of good leadership and made me think of examples of leadership in action and the attributes of a leader. On Dec 23-2001- After 9/11, the New York Times printed a Eulogy of a Fire Captain killed in the collapse of the World Trade Center. Although not a military member- I think that this eulogy celebrates all of the attributes of real leadership- leadership by example, devotion to duty and devotion to his personnel at the risk of his own life. I believe that every prospective military officer- in fact all of us who aspire to or are in the position of leadership could learn a lot from the example of Captain Callahan as related by Captain Gormley.

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    Wow, thank you for posting this Bruno. Very moving.

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