Exam Week & Graduation


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Jun 9, 2006
KP is finishing up exams this week and getting ready for the big Presidential visit for the Graduation ceremonies. Does anyone have the total numbers on how many will graduate this year?
The USMMA website says 206, I'm pretty sure that's correct or at least very close. I can fill you in for sure after I'm there next Monday!
Graduation Stats

Newsday had interesting article yesterday (http://www.newsday.com/news/local/longisland/ny-limerc154781843jun15,0,2761939,print.story)
with Capt. Wallischeck stating there were 202 graduates. Also the following stats were given in a ppt presentation:
2422 first class guests
200 underclass guests
600 alumni guests
700 faculty and staff and their guests
425 VIPs
750 midshipmen
Everyone’s name is on a list somewhere
5 congressmen
2 members of the Cabinet
Ambassador to the United Nations
120 members of the press expected
Close to 250 security and White House Personnel involved
1500 cars in 10 different locations….

It will be a humdinger! Now pondering which of the 10 locations I should be parking in, since I have no idea where any of them are or what the shuttle schedule is!