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    I am applying to West Point and I know that extracurriculars are very important. I do not have many, but I do believe they are powerful. Can you let me know how these are?
    1) captain of wrestling team
    2)president of a school club
    3)attending boys state

    thank you. I know I do not have many, but they are all significant and require a lot of time.
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    Boys' State is outstanding! My cadet's MALO told him West Point looks upon Boys' State as favorably as an Eagle Scout award. Speaking of which, are you in Scouts? Are you involved in a youth group at church? These count also as extracurricular activities.

    Take advantage of the opportunities at Boys' State. My sons took the Bar Exam and excelled in Moot Court. Try for Boys' Nation!

    Keep up the good work!
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    In addition to want Dixieland said, some other ECs would be:
    National Honor Society (even better an officer), scholastic awards, school plays, debate team, school newspaper, yearbook.
    If you are involved in church activities, youth choir/mission trips are considered ECs too.
    This summer - find a job if you can. If you can't (or in addition to a job) , do some community service in sometihing that you are really interested in.
    Use this summer to work on the EC part of your file when you may not be as busy with your other activities as you would be during the school year.

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