Eye Exam


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Jun 11, 2006
My son is scheduled for his DoDMERB eye exam next Monday. I expect that he'll have a minor issue regarding his vision. He wears contact lenses and is basically near-sighted.

Coincidentally, he has his annual eye exam scheduled for this Saturday. For the DoDMERB exam he will need to be contact-free for 3 days. My question is: should he also plan on being contact free for 3 days before the family optometrist's exam on Saturday? If he has any remedials surrounding vision, can we then submit the optometrist's report? Or will he need to have yet another eye exam?

Thank you.
With the soft contact lenses of today, you can get away with having the lenses out for only a couple of hours before getting an eye exam. The DoDMERB standard of having them out for 3 days has been around since the dark ages of contact lenses when it was needed. It can help some borderline applicants to have them out for 3 days, but for the majority it makes no difference. But its still the standard so it needs to be followed.

If there is an issue with the eye exam performed as part of the physical examination and a repeat exam is needed, it will have to be done after the one from the physical exam. So in your case, having his optometrist do an exam on Sat, then his physical exam on Monday, your personal optometrists exam would not be accepted if a repeat was required.
Thanks so much. I was wondering if DoDMERB would even accept the test of 2 days earlier. I think the smart choice is to cancel the Saturday appt. I'm sure he'll be pleased to have the time to practice the basketball throw. :smile: