Eye Waivers for USNA


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Sep 16, 2006
Hey Doc - I posted this on another site today as a reply to someone elses' question, but figured if anyone knew if new rules were being put into place at DODMERB / USNA, you would. Care to comment on what the rep at DODMERB told me on the phone today? Thanks as always!

Thought I'd pass along some info that I just got from a chief over at DODMERB. Apparently DODMERB is in the process of eliminating their posting of the eye DQ category, i.e. where it shows on your DODMERB candidate page as you having a D-#code and the words "Eyes worse than 20/40" etc. He said that since DODMERB is not the one that makes the call on that type of waiver (the SA's do that one themselves?) DODMERB decided it just wasn't needed on thier website anymore.

The same chief, who says he knows his stuff from 15 yrs at the place, also said that USNA is no longer restricting the number of Appointments to cadets with eye waiver needs. Has anyone else seen or heard of this? I.e. he stated that USNA is instituting new rules and that if you need a correctable eye waiver you are no longer put into a limited pool of applicants (and that / thus you are now being compared to the entire pool on your whole person score - again, no limits on the number of "special eye Appointments" like in past years). Sounds great to those of us needing the "waiver", but I'd like to hear if anyone can confirm this...


I've heard rumors over the past couple months that a change might be in the works, but any change that occurs will not effect any of the current applicants but would start for the class going in in 2008.
Hmmm. The DODMERB rep I was talking to knew my son was a 2007 applicant and made no mention that it would not apply to his case. As a matter of fact, he said that since his other DQ (knees) had just been waived by USNA so early in the process (i.e. vs waiting till the more typical "rush" of waivers in say March or April) that he felt that things were looking very very bright for him...especially with the new eye waiver "rules".

If you hear anything more, let us know. :)

USNA may make an internal change for this year and ignore the soft disqualification, but I can almost 100% guarantee you that DoDMERB will not make a change until 1JUL when the new class of applicants begins.
Understood sir! :)

The chief's comments to me today could easily match up with your thoughts as he said that they (DODMERB) "were in the process of eliminating the listing of the eye waiver line item on thier website". That easily could mean 2008. Hopefully you are also right that USNA has the ability to do an internal change to how many eye waivers they can give out THIS year too.

Thanks again


Just noticed that the DODMERB website got some "improvements" overnight. They've added Dates to the latest status reports, which is great for those of watching things develop. These new dates are in addition to the normal listign of dates at the top of the candidate's page - now there is a date under each of the SA headings too...

So maybe this is part of the "updates" the chief there was telling me about yesterday...all good stuff.

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