Eyesight disqualification/remedial question


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Sep 3, 2007
On the DoDMERB page of my application status, I am pending a waiver for USAFA and USMA for poor eyesight. Here is the code:

D155.70 - Myopia - Refractive error greater than - 8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent)

Does this usually get waived? Are there any steps I need to take? If anyone has any info let me know. Thanks.
A waiver for excessive refractive error is dependant on how much over the standards you are. AF is a little more lenient than Army and the sea services are much more strict.
My refractive error is right at 8.00

My glasses are 7.25, but DoDMERB tested me right on the 8.00 mark.

The guy told me he had me to 20/20 in both eyes.

Is this within the standards that you can remember?
If that is correct then you have a pretty good chance at getting a waiver.
I just looked online, and it shows that last Friday, they sent me a letter that I should be getting in the mail soon. It shows this code:

R152.02 - Obtain a dilated fundoscopic exam

And it says it sent "appointment scheduling card." Is this a good sign towards achieving waiver? Or is this eye test totally independent of that?
Well thats a good sign. It means the waiver authorities are looking at your file, and they would like additional informaiton.

The only thing that worries me is that they sent an appointment card, they should have sent an L2-013 letter. If thats not listed as having been sent I would call DoDMERB to make sure the correct letter. Most likely it was jsut a mistake by the reviewer and he/she corrected it and sent out the correct letter, but double check on the DoDMERB web site, and if you have questions give DoDMERB a call to make sure.