F-18D Crash

I wonder what the main constituent of the toxic smoke was. Hydrazine?
i read this earlier today, and i believe the pilot ejected before crashing. It's a tragedy the pilot was so close to base and couldnt fly another 10 seconds...
I don't like the attitude of Ben Dishman,
"It was quite violent...I often worry that one of them will hit one of these homes. It was inevitable."
I don't believe, even after this crash, that his lack of confidence in the world most advanced military is justified.
In my opinion there's no need to get defensive.
He has a very legit point, low-flying aircraft always pose a danger. Everything poses a danger is some way or another. And since Miramar is a training station there's no reason why things shouldn't go wrong -- that's why one trains.
The man who was the father of the two children killed and lost his wife as well as mother in law is asking people to pray for the Marine pilot. Very touching article on CNN.
This crash is horrible. I have been to MiraMar and flown out of there on a 747
just horrible.. prayers to everyone involved.