Falant test


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Jul 17, 2006
Ok just as I thought the colorblind came back as a remedial. But the interesting thing is that is on a R code on Coast Guard not Air Force. Does this mean he passed the AF's standard 10/14 but not Coast Guard's 12/14. Or is the new thing with AF not showing soft DQs?

One other question on the DD 2379 Head injury form. It states on the website that they want medical records about the injury. The problem is that he was treated in FL 5 years ago at the local ER. We now live in VA. I don't even know were to begin. IF I can not get records of the injury is this going to be a big problem?

Anyway I need to get a Falant done just as I thought. I just hope this is a bump in the road and not a show stopper.

For the AF it is more than likely a soft DQ, which as you mention are no longer being shown. If the FALANT comes back as a pass, they should change the AF color vision to a pass. The only way to check now is to call DoDMERB and ask.

As long as you submit the head injury questionnaire, and the head injury was a minor issue (less than 30 seconds loss of consciousness, no post traumatic amnesia), then there should be no reason for the medical records. You can add a note to the head injury questionnaire stating that you are unable to locate the medical records.
Thank you for the quick reply, again.

I guess I will just make the phone call...ugh!

Son really wants to be a pilot like his dad, so he wants to know.