Falcon Foundation Scholarship


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Oct 13, 2006
Morning All Just a quick question if anyones knows. My son recieved a letter stating he has been selected for a Falcon Foundation Scholarship. The letter also stated that he is still a candidate. Our question is does anyone know if anyone had an offer for the Falcon Foundation and later received their Appointment. Thanks for all you help
Tough question. The only thing I can answer for certain is that I know of a kid from my state that received a rejection letter then was later called to see if he still wanted an appointment. He accepted but is no longer there. The Falcon Foundation is a prize & congrats to your son for getting one of those rare offers. Best of luck to him!
D got a civil prep offer to WP and then a week or so later it turned to an appointment (but she's going AFA). I assume it is possible at AFA to get a conversion from Falcon Prep to AFA directly like my D got for WP but don't know for sure.
Thanks for the info Ladies and yes he's happy about the award. And thanks for this forum its answered a lot of questions over this long process. Right now he's leaning towards his first choice college and his 4 yr ROTC scholarship. We'll keep you posted.....