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    For those candidates new to this forum, earlier this year I created an FAQ that covers a lot of -- well, frequently asked questions -- regarding academics, athletics and ECAs. It is posted in a sticky at the top of this forum. I try to keep it updated with new info.

    At the risk of engaging in shameless self-promotion, it does have a lot of good info and will answer many of the questions that are posted on this forum, such as "will I get in," "should I retake my ACT, SAT or CFA?," "Do I need to play varsity sports," etc.

    It's also a good starting point for underclassmen who want to understand the process or get a sense of what they should be doing to prepare for USNA. I've recently added some questions and updated others. Those are marked with red NEW or UPDATED tags.

    Finally, I've added a new series of FAQs on the admissions process. They are posted as a sticky up top.
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