Father of a new Mid !!


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Feb 12, 2008
Hello to all. It is with much joy and a little trepidation that I can now join in as my daughter has accepted an appointment to the USNA. She is pumped up and seems up to the challenge. This and other discussion groups have been very helpful to her during the grueling trip to the LOA. I will be glad to offer whatever help I can to those still in the process.

Hightest, welcome to the SA Forums!! :thumb: Best of luck to your 2012 prospective midshipman daughter!
Hearty congrats to the Father of a new Mid. :biggrin: Better load up on those rechargeable camera batteries!!

I suppose I should have said "Father of a new Plebe".
Anyway, thanks to all
Batteries are being stocked as we speak.
Congratulations to your daughter:thumb::thumb:

Welcome aboard the message forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and we look forward to having you as a contributor to our fun and games around here.
Congratulations! We are anxiously awaiting that letter too--my son was sent to Prep school this year by the USNA Foundation. Hope to be joining you as a parent of the class of 2012!