Feed back on admission chances?


Jul 5, 2019
I am a rising senior (male), from the SC 2nd Congressional District (Don't know if that helps).

Classes in High School: [AP ] Human Geo, Comp Sci A, Euro, Calc AB an BC, Lang, US History, Stats, Gov, Chem. (An Various other Honors classes)

Classes at Community College: Physics Mechanics and Electro Magnetism, Calc III.

GPA: Weighted- 4.6 Unweighted - 3.8 Class Rank: 38 out of 450

SAT : 1300 (700 Math, 600 English) - Going to retake
ACT: Math-30 English - 32

Athletic Extra Curricular: JV Cross Country two years, Varsity Letter JROTC Raider Team

Academic Extra Curricular: Published author of two scientific papers in journals, Summer Science Internships. JROTC Pltn Sargent.

CFA- Passed with low scores (Don't remember took it at NASS)

Extras: Have JROTC Nom to USNA and finished DodMerb.

I'm very stressed, any feed back at all would be appreciated.
I believe you have posted recently with a similar "chance me" post but don't have time to go looking for it right now. No one here can tell you what your chances are. There are too many variables. FWIW, I will offer a few suggestions for your benefit and for others who may be in your position looking for "chance me" feedback:
  1. Go to the USNA website and look up the latest class profile.
  2. Compare your stats to the class profile.
  3. Review the areas where you feel you are weak. You are a HS senior, so there will be some things you won't be able to change at this point. Focus on the areas you feel you are weak AND can do something about with the time available.
  4. Put your best package together, seek all nomination sources available then work on plans B, C, D...
  5. No sense being stressed now. You will need to learn to focus on what you can control and let the process play out. It's a long road and you need to be prepared to wait until April to hear anything one way or the other.
Agree with Dadof2 on all their points. None of us can tell you. At this point, I am sure you can tell us where you think your app is strong, average and needs improvement? You have been on these boards for awhile now and I can see your anxiety. You are going to have to figure out how handle that anxiousness possibly until April. None of us know what your teacher Recs say, BGO interview, or essays. It appears your leadership is light based upon your your post. Titles don’t mean much to me, what is it you have done to to display leadership? How well did you demonstrate that in your essays and interviews? We don’t know your district and who you are competing against. It’s too many factors to say an outcome. Work on the areas you think need improvement and continue to work on back up plans. Good luck.
Great advice from Hoops and Dad. Your overall package is competitive. That said so will everyone else's. Hopefully your JROTC nomination speaks to your leadership abilities. I am sure you would not have gotten it if you were not a leader. I think that's were you will have an edge if you can get your Congress person and Senator's nomination too. If the USNA wants you and can burn your JROTC nomination to get you in and still get someone else from your district/ state...... That extra nomination is one that most others won't have, and could prove very valuable. Good luck!