1. Q

    Did weed on two occasions

    A few months ago I had weed for the first time and did it twice because a friend had gotten an edible, but I haven’t had any since then and that was my only time trying it, no other drug use, and I’m 17, would that be considered experimental or is that disqualifying off the get go
  2. A

    Am I in?

    I received both an LOE and an LOA. I am also 3Q'd. I was wondering if I was in and if I could stop completing my applications to other schools?
  3. CAPT T

    Clear up confusion

    First I would suggest the owners of this site set up a new topic area: APPOINTMENTS. While reading a wiki article I saw a GLARING falsehood that I observe in many general and specific articles online and continue to hear in the peanut gallery. In the bio of a late, full Admiral of the WWII...
  4. I

    Community College to USNA

    Hello I am a current junior rising senior in the Fall of 2022 with hopes of attending the Naval Academy or any other service academies. I applied for both USAFA, and USNA's summer seminar and SLE and getting rejected in all 3 of them. I guess its kinda delusional for me to say I want to attend...
  5. T

    Limitations on Service Selection

    Will the academies ever give waivers to applicants if it limits their service selection upon graduation? For example, would they waive a condition that maybe cannot be considered for waiver to enter aviation but would be fine for other assignments? I understand many factors are taken into...
  6. O

    Why did you choose a service academy?

    I am thinking about applying to a SA, more specifically USAFA. I've done quite a bit of research and know a lot about the SA experience because I used to live right outside of Annapolis. Now I live somewhere I have a much better chance of getting a nomination, because barely anyone here knows...
  7. R

    Concerns regarding eligibility of non-citizens

    Good evening, today I started my application for USAFA. At the pre-candidate questionnaire it stated that you must be a US citizen to proceed. Previously, I thought that I just had to be a citizen prior to arriving at the academy. That being said, I can start my naturalization process October...
  8. T

    Class of 2026 - Applicant Worries

    Good evening y'all! I was thinking about my application tonight, and I started to worry about whether I would be considered competitive for admission (I tend to overthink things and find myself worrying too much at times). Below is a summary of my profile: SAT: 1510 Sports: JV Track (11th...
  9. J

    Offers of Appointment and Medical

    I'm applying to USAFA and completed my application in early December but my med status is still not determined. I submitted my final remedial recently and it's under review by DoDMERB. I inquired to my admissions team about whether this would affect my application when it is reviewed and...
  10. G

    would ADD meds and or a 504 plan prevent me from being accepted into the AFA

    I am a junior in high school and I am interested in applying to the AFA, if I’m an otherwise good candidate, would my ADD meds or 504 plan prevent me from being accepted?
  11. G

    Admission chances and were to improve?

    School stats current hs Sophomore at catholic prep school 1. GPA 3.5 2. PSAT score 930 (first-time past nerves hit me hard) 3. 1 year of varsity Water polo (hopefully two more years post covid) Also compete in club cycling and race in Europe 4. Science Olympiad and student marketing club...
  12. P

    How can I prepare?

    Hi! My name is Prasun Sapkota and I am sophomore at Panther Creek Highschool in Cary, NC. I have had an interest in the service academies especially the Naval Academy since a young age. As a sophomore, I have a 4.5 GPA out of 5 and 1490 on the SAT. I have also founded my own student-initiated...
  13. D

    Strange Email? Hopefully not a Fluke?

    Got a peculiar email along with 30ish others from LCDR Keith Watson saying I have until tomorrow night to accept my appointment. Also been on hold since maybe February or March. I didn't get to check the portal after I found out about the email, and now I can't login (perhaps because of May 1st...
  14. U

    What are my acceptance chances? (Class of 2026 Hopeful)

    I am currently a sophomore at a high school with 850+ kids. I am in the top 10% of my class and have an unweighted GPA of 4.0 (weighted is about 4.65). I am currently enrolled in AP US and AP Lang and plan on taking at least 6 more AP classes. I play JV football and do winter and spring track...
  15. S

    I never took PE in High school, what do I do for the SOE.

    Instead of taking P.E at my high school, I to JROTC. Am I allowed to put my JROTC instructor for my SOE?
  16. S

    How long does it take for USNA to process paperwork?

    My school mailed my ROTC nomination to USNA this past Monday and I was curious to see how long it takes for the portal to update and show that I have received a nomination.
  17. S

    Feed back on admission chances?

    I am a rising senior (male), from the SC 2nd Congressional District (Don't know if that helps). Classes in High School: [AP ] Human Geo, Comp Sci A, Euro, Calc AB an BC, Lang, US History, Stats, Gov, Chem. (An Various other Honors classes) Classes at Community College: Physics Mechanics and...
  18. S

    I still haven't received an email from DodMerb

    I emailed by BGO and he told me that I have finished 2/3s of the application and he said I should receive the DodMerb application soon. This was two weeks ago and I still have not recieve any such email, how much longer should I wait?
  19. S

    What Sections of the ACT does the Naval Academy Care About?

    When I went to NASS one of the admissions briefs talked about USNA only caring about the English and Math section and how they superscore between the SAT and ACT.
  20. S

    Is there any advantage to applying to USNA early?

    Is the earlier the better?