Field Day and other injuries


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Oct 10, 2007
Wow, from the webguy forums, there were a few injuries Saturday at Field Day. Separated shoulder for one young man; does that usually separate one from the Academy - that is does that injury normally result in a turnback?

My son has a broken nose and sounded like he had a bad cold from swelling. He just got elbowed at intramurals. Saw EMT and then the clinic the next day. Was too sore to "put back into place" though he said some of the swelling had gone down a bit and he felt like his nose had "re-set" itself. If there are lingering problems during 2nd BCT or after, they'll send him to another doc. He turned down the narcotic pain relief, since he felt he could get by on Advil.

He was really proud of himself though, when he was removed from the ultimate frisbee game. The other cadets said, "Whoa Dude! It looks like you've just bitten into a live animal." I guess that made him hero of the day! Lots of blood - yeah, baby! (mother cringing!)
Each injury is evaluated individually as to whether the cadet will be medically turned back. I believe that the determining factor is how many days of BCT will be missed due to the injury.

It sounds like your son is really one to 'tough it out' with his nose. It's hard for a parent to hear about their kids getting hurt, but I think he sounds like he will be fine.

You are right, Stealth, he is a "hang tough" guy. At the regional qualifiers for the Nationals 2 years ago, he had been cut across the front of this thigh, and competed in three events (sabre, foil, and epee) with 27 stitches across the front of his thigh. I suspect lots of the young folks at the service academies are equally tough. They have to be!