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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by frenzymando, Nov 21, 2015.

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    It is not a requirement. It may have a box on your profile page. FFRs could be a parent, WP Alum, some active person from your congresspersons office. From coast to coast, they're many places that do not have an FFR in their area. If you attend SLE a cadet will conduct an interview that will count. Cadets at SLE are fulfilling required leadership assignments. If you can arrange an interview with your RC or his assistant this is much different. I would encourage you to do so.

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    I have talked to my Field Force Rep multiple times and he told me that the interviews are not being conducted for the class of 2020. The Field Force Reps are here to assist in the application process, as I understand it.
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    My son had a FFR interview at the beginning of the summer. My wife and I were pulled in at the end. I asked the guy if all the candidates in his area were being interviewed and he said, no, only the top candidates. I wonder if he was not required to do them. He also sent a long email in the beginning, and then recently sent an email advising everyone is required to have PE teacher evaluation. He has not been good about responding to my sons email questions. No response to any of them.
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    I am an active FFR and at least for my state, no directive from the admissions office to not interview.

    Tug_boat's posting is on the mark about the interview process. On the candidate portal, if there is an active FFR assigned in the area, there should be contact information for the FFR. I get contacted by candidates for interview in the fall. If the candidate is competitive, I usually conduct the interview. Not having an interview doesn't hurt a candidacy. Having a good interview helps in close situations.

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