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    One of my friends I served with failed a portion of afrotc field training (one of the written tests) for the USAF and I'm trying to get some solid info if he can still go to OTS. He told me he has a 3.7 GPA and will graduate in the spring. If he's prior E and just had a rough day, is it worth applying to OTS?
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    I won't swear by it, but my answer is no. They will not accept him for OTS.

    There are a couple of reasons why I say that.

    1. If not selected for SFT, you can and probably will be dis-enrolled from AFROTC. If you are dis-enrolled you cannot apply for SFT.

    2. A friend of mine's DS got Nav fo OTS, and he wanted pilot. He asked if he could turn down that selection and try for the next OTS board to get pilot. They told him it was a take it or leave it deal, and they would not allow him to re-submit for another OTS board.

    If they are being that hard on these 2 scenarios I can't see them saying they would allow him to go to OTS after failing an exam he would probably take at OTS.

    Just out of curiosity how did he fail an SFT exam now? The S in SFT stands for Summer. I am going to assume he busted last summer and went to a review board where they just notified him of being dis-enrolled. Caveat: we all know what assume means.

    He has to realize that currently this is a numbers game regarding personnel, and the AF is meeting their goals for O-1's. The only hope I could see for him is if he was going into a critical manning AFSC.

    He needs to talk to his det., and a local AF recruiter for true guidance regarding the regs in this situation. I would have him prepared for a NO though because those that were not selected for SFT last summer were dis-enrolled, they did not become C500's.

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