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    I know that standardized test scores are a major part of presenting a strong application, so I would like some input on my (not strong yet not poor) ACT scores in conjunction with AP class performance.

    My super score ACT would be 31
    English- 28
    Mathematics- 29
    Reading- 32
    Science- 35

    For AP's I've taken
    AB/BC Calc- B's in class, 4's for each
    AP Physics 1 and 2- A's in the class
    AP Chemistry- A/ B in class, score TBA
    AP English Language- A in class, score TBA

    * I am planning on taking AP Human Geography, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics C, AP Literature, and AP Statistics next year.

    Are there any other pieces of my application that if strengthened could help me present a better application. Any advice appreciated and thank you for helping me out!
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    I'm not sure why you wrote "final" ACT scores. If you're a rising senior, there will be 3-4 more opportunities to take the ACT again. You can also consider taking the SAT. Some young people do significantly better on one over the other. Unless/until you max the ACT (36) and the SAT (1600) you have chances to do better!
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    USNA only takes your English and Math. Take it again, focusing only on those two.

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