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    Apr 13, 2009
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    Well I've finally finished my application. We'll just wait until March to see what happens then.

    UW GPA: 3.5 (All AP and honors non-electives)
    School W GPA: 3.74
    Academy W GPA: 3.74

    Assistant Systems Administrator for local middle school
    League Deputy Commissioner for an adult league
    Church Youth Minister
    Eucharistic Minister
    Senior Altar Server
    Engineering class Group Leader and Programmer
    Vice President of Events for NHS
    Founder and President of Robotics Club
    AP Scholar w/ Honors, Principal Scholarship Award, Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Gamma Sigma (Honors Society for Community college).
    Worked 40+ hrs a week at Party America during Summer 2008
    Offered a job as 2010 Census Enumerator
    Attended USAFA Summer Seminar

    ACT: Waiting for Scores

    Senior Year Schedule:
    At HS:
    AP Physics, AP Gov, AP Biology, and AP Calculus BC, Life Skills, and Work Experience Counselor Aid.

    At CC:
    Computer Systems and Architecture (Programming in Assembly)

    Anyways that's that, I'll be finishing up my congressional applications and then enjoying the rest of my senior year before I'm off to college or (hopefully) the academy. Thanks for all your guys' help, I really appreciate it. See ya.
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    Jan 17, 2009
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    Lessons learned. My son had everything you had plus Eagle Scout with palms, Played in marching band, lettered in CC as a freshman. He graduated with a 4.22 GPA and received all 5's on AP exams. His ACT scores were 36,36,35,34. SAT just as high. I am writing you to tell you, to have a back up plan. Son had scholarship offers to 5 other schools but chose to go to Notre Dame on a full ride. YEP, only one school didn't want him. USAFA. His father being a grad didn't help either. I can say, my son clepped out of his freshman year and now has a double major of EE and pre med. He is loving life! He is so thankful we pushed him to have MANY back ups. High, medium and low cost schools. Just in case scholarships weren't offered. I wish you the best of luck and hope your dreams of USAFA will come true.
    signed, just a mom
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    Jarvin, did you participate in any athletics?? That is a major issue.
  4. jarvin

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    Thanks for the insight. Yes, I am working on those back ups as well now. I brushed away some college applications because I was still working on usafa, now I get to work on them. Anyways, your son seems to have better stats than me (especially ACTs) so that's surprising USAFA didn't offer him an appointment, I wouldn't have been surprised if he was offered an LOA.

    Also I forgot to mention sports:
    Varsity Wrestling (12th grade)
    Adult Basketball League (10,11,12)

    I'm not lettered, but I was distinguished in the basketball league. I also do personal training on my spare time.
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    May 21, 2008
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    There are so many variables why some applicants get accepted, and others don't. Especially when you see credentials that are as outstanding as usafa84's son's. But it's important that people don't read into the post and become discouraged thinking: "If HE couldn't get accepted, then I have no chance in Hell".

    Like I said, there's way too many variables. One of the biggest variables is where you're from. You might ask; "Why does that really matter?" 2 very important reasons.

    1) You might come from an area that has 50 applicants just in your district. And as good as some people's applications and grades look, there could be others in that district with even better grades.
    2) The district/state you're in, might just happen to have way more current cadets at the academy that they can have.

    Of course, the question has been asked so many times, why can't the academies just take the "Best of the Best" in applications and leave it at that? Well, the main reason is money. The academies are paid by federal taxes. Which means, all states and all citizens pay for it. That's why each representative is allowed so many cadets. Just like larger states have MORE representatives because of larger populations; and therefor, more cadets than a smaller state with less districts. If it wasn't done like this, would it be fair say that 40% of all the cadets came from within 5 states in the North-East where it's all private schools, a lot of money, and students traditionally will always do better on the SAT/ACT? Well, it might seem fair if you were from one of those states/schools. But if you were the kid from average American homes who busted a 4.0gpa from your public High School and go a 30ACT and 2000SAT, and didn't get in, you might not like such rules. Especially if your mom and dad's tax dollars were going to paying for a school that you basically had no chance of ever being allowed to go to.

    Or what if ALL 1400 cadets for this year that had the HIGHEST scores and were accepted totally on that reason, happen to be White Men? Not one woman or minority? Now I know this can be a touchy subject, but minimize the group any way you want to. ALL men, ALL women, ALL from Texas and California, etc... it is quite possible to have such a scenario. Is that fair? Is that representative of our military or our country. What is the makeup of the enlisted force that these future officers are going to lead.

    Or what if it was simply the reverse? What if there were NO CADETS from North Dakota, or Mississippi, or whatever? Personally, I am not for quotas, affirmative action, or any method of giving a priority to one person over another. I believe in the merit system. And the main reason I can accept the academy's method, is because their PRIMARY METHOD of distribution of slots, is based on WHO'S PAYING for the academy to exist. The tax payer. So therefor, each tax payer and their district/state should be EQUALLY REPRESENTED. And they are. There are 453 representatives in the congress. Wyoming has 1 representative, because their population is only 550,000 people. California has a LOT more representatives. But proportionately, it is the exact same based on the population difference. But there's a lot of factors in determining the final 1300-1400 applicants that will eventually be called "Cadets".

    Again, didn't mean to hijack the thread, but I could almost feel the discouragement through my computer monitor by applicants who read this thread and saw someone with possibly HIGHER everything than them NOT get accepted to the academy, and how does that compare to their chances. NOW you know WHY we don't like people asking us: "What's my chances"???? I personally know of a couple of 4.0gpa unweighted, #1-#5 ranked students, with the PERFECT application, who didn't get accepted. And just like USAFA84's son, 1 went to Yale, another to Brown. The academy isn't the only course for one's future. Always have backups. Always find the good in everything. Realize that everything WILL work out for the best. Try your hardest. And if by chance you don't make it; realize that it's not because you were a bad candidate, just that you were among some GREAT COMPANY.

    And a little HINT: I usually say this later in the year (around march); but for those who might get discouraged because they really want the academy and might not get accepted: "THE ACADEMY REALLY LOVES THOSE WHO RE-APPLY". There are many that will give it one try and if they don't get accepted, will move on. Mainly because they have some excellent options. My son was that way. He ONLY applied to air force academy. He had 3 other full scholarships and acceptance to other schools. All excellent schools. But he chose the academy. Had he not gotten accepted, he would have moved on to the other schools. He told me this before ever applying. Yet, he spoke of applying to the academy for 6-7 years. But for those who consider a year at a local college because you didn't get accepted, and want to apply again next time; the academy really does love that. They love that determination. There are no guarantees, but they do look favorable on it. Anyway, sorry for the hijack. Best of luck. GLAD to hear your son is doing so well USAFA83; best to everyone. Later.... mike....

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