First semester college gpa


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Dec 8, 2017
Does anyone know what college gpa range is looked favorably upon by Admissions? I’ll get at least a 3.5, and was wondering if that is good enough for the academy. I am taking plebe like courses in nrotc at a state college.
Depends on the classes you're taking. If you are taking calc, chem, English, history (or physics as a substitute for chem), a 3.62 is terrific. If you're taking mostly other courses, not so much.
Then, assuming your college operates on a 4.0 scale, I'd say you've done very well (especially if you have As in calc and chem). Congratulations!

Also, just because I'm curious, how do you already have grades for first semester? Seems early, for most colleges at least.
Thank you! My college makes grades be posted before the 16th. I just have to wait for the transcript to be sent to the academy