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Dec 16, 2007
Hey all! I'm new here (12th grade, applying to USAFA).

Here's my first question: What is the USAFA Flying Team? How do you get in? Is there a seperate application process? What about eyesight requirements?

If it helps- I already have my private pilot's license, and I'll have my instrument rating by the time I would enter the Academy.
Also have 20/50 vision in both eyes.

upsizezdown, here's u'r answer. straight from the USAFA web-site:

AIRMANSHIP: USAF Academy Flying Team

The USAF Academy Flying Team is a select group of 16 to 18 cadets who hold a Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Certificate or higher. The team uses three instrument-equipped 150-horsepower Cessna 150 aircraft to compete against 144 colleges nationwide in regional and national competitions. Cadets fly approximately 75 to 100 hours per year. They compete in nine demanding ground and precision flying events, such as aircraft identification, flight computer accuracy, short field landings and cross-country navigation. During the summer, officer instructor pilots train new team members in the team's aircraft and competition events. Each spring, the team deploys for a week of intensive flying training prior to the National Flying Competition.

Nothing about eyesight requirements. Probably like all the other clubs and honor societies offered at the SA; you go through a slection process to become a member. Having an instrument rating in your pocket already only helps u'r chances. Best of luck to you, I hope you get both of your dreams (appointment to the Academy and beoming a part of thier flying team).
I know a guy with glasses and is technically color-blind on our flying team, your eyes won't affect entry much.

It is a very big time committment, the same guy as above has to change his major because he can't afford the class time losses.

Selection process is BRUTAL, tests are very very difficult and time consuming to study for.

As far as the aircraft too, from the firewall back it is civilian, forward is pure military power!
Does anyone know what type a/c are being used for the flying team?

Read the second line of my post above. They use three of the Cessna 150s the Academy has in its flying club.

They have to wait a few years before they can compete in the T-Bird's F-16s! :wink:

I saw the C-150 cited, but I was under the impression that they had gone to Diamond D-20 and I think that I got that from the Diamond corp. I heard the tweets are about gone as well. Just curious. Daughter appointed has PPL and Instrument but no Diamond time.
The D20-C1 aircraft are used by the Academy Air Education Training Command to screen Cadets for pilot training. The C-150s are operated by the flying team. Two different entities. There is also a Flying Club which operates six C-172s and a T-41 that can be rented by Cadets with a PPL.
Is a cadet able to obtain a PPL while at the academy, and if so how?
yes, the academy airfield has a special PPL school (my friend described it to me, he says its much more intense than the normal training). Highly advise NOT trying it freshman year unless you find that you just can't fill your time (difficult to get to the airfield at times too). However, it IS an option, personally, I wouldn't recommend it.