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    2 questions:

    1: If you rebut one of the disqualifications, is there a follow-up physical?

    2: The letter I got in the mail mentioned me being DQd for my stress fracture, and how to handle that, but it said nothing about the ear wax thing that was listed online. Is there a reason they both weren't listed in the letter, not even to requst more information or tests?

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    Jun 15, 2006
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    Once you have been found medically disqualified all other processing on your physical examination stops (your admissions package continues to be worked). So if you were found medically disqualified off the physical exam and there were outstanding medical items that needed to be completed, a letter will only go out requesting those items once a waiver has been granted or the disqualification removed with a rebuttal.

    If you attempt to rebut a disqualification with additional information, DoDMERB will look at the information that you submit, but will not request any further evaluations. If the rebuttal is unsuccessful, the information that is submitted will be forwarded to the wavier authorities. The waiver authorities may then request further testing or evaluations. a new, complete physical examination will never be requested.