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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by solon, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Arrrrgh. On my medical form I said I had tested positive for cross pollen allergies to some raw vegetables. NONE of these are life threatening allergies-it's like having a brief episode of hayfever. I said that I have avoided fish because I have family members with fish allergies. I have never been tested for fish allergies. So . . . once more a case of giving more information than necessary. My mom called DoDmerb today and found out that I'll be DQ'ed for food allergies. I'm going to be tested on Thursday for fish and other food allergies for my own sake. If I send this in to DoDmerb will they consider it or will I have to go through the waiver process. Sorry should have asked this on the Dodmerb thread
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    You might want to post this on the Dodmerb page of this forum, you will get more information there.

    As far as waivers, it is getting tougher to get waivers of any kind, that being said wavers were give last year. You will find that there will be now flat answer regarding waivers, they are on a case by case decision. Allergies are a tough one, getting tested is a first step, if you are found to positive for any allergies it could be an uphill climb.

    Regarding the to much information....don't worry about that, they would have found that information in your medical records anyway, better to get it taken care of now then to find out later after all your work in ROTC that you can't commission. Plus if you failed to disclose it now, and they found it later, you could be on the hook to re-pay your entire scholarship if you receive one.

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